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Comparative Analysis of ‘Blackrock” – Nick Enright and “Blurred” Stephen Davis Essay Sample

Rachel's brother Toby's 18th birthday party is being held at the local beach club a few days later, and Jared decides to merge a 'welcome home' party for Ricko with the event.

The following morning, it is revealed that year-old Tracy Warner was killed at the party. Blackrock continued to be performed at the Sydney Theatre Company throughoutand performed a sold-out season at Wharf I [18] in Even now, 25 years after the events, there is speculation about what really happened that night.

The three boys are later arrested for the sexual assault. He has already told police that he was with Jared all night and asks Jared to confirm his alibi in the name of mateship ; Jared is torn between telling the truth and protecting his friend.

But, perhaps more than that, the real events that inspired the play hold a particular meaning for me. When Ricko first comes to town he begins to assert himself over the rest of the group, then when he knows he will be caught he exerts a lot of pressure onto Jared, asking him to lie to the police.

Schoolies has become an integral part of the voyage from student to adulthood as the character Lynette metaphorically states in the play: We are left with Cherie, alone on stage. Jared's silence leads to the breakdown of his relationships with both Rachel and his mother Diane.

Blackrock (Play)

It was happening 20 years ago when I was young. You tell them what we said…You were with your mate…Day I met you, down the half-pipe, blood running out of here [forehead]; I piled you into spiders van…Get in the van I said.

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It was also shown at the Boston Film Festival in September Ricko confesses to Jared that he killed Tracy. Ricko left Jared a suicide note giving him his van, though Jared asks Cherie to dump the keys to the van in the ocean when she goes out surfing.

Ricko asks what many may view as unfair, for Jared to lie to the authorities. He did not go to the police, he did not condemn any of the boys involved nor did he support them. It was adapted from a play by Enright, entitled A Property of the Clan, which was inspired by the murder of Leigh Leigh in Stockton, Australia in After witnessing Ricko's abusive behaviour towards their friend Tiffany, Jared decides to tell the truth.

However Blackrock does offer a true representation of mateship and how one would act under immense pressure. He did nothing then, but will do what he can now. Tracy's funeral was also considered to be "a direct re-staging" of Leigh's service; both Leigh and Tracy's friends placed red roses on her coffin and then plant a tree in her memory.

We know that it is possible that Jared will harm Rachel, perhaps sexually. Ricko is detained by police and hangs himself in his cell. Tiffany has a use-by date.

Nick Enright’s Blackrock: A study of Mateship and Misogyny.

Both Leigh and Tracy's mothers worked at a nursing home and both their fathers called for the death penalty for her murderer. It was happening 20 years ago when I was young. How strong is the concept of mateship.

Nick Enright

Urban also praised the seven-minute interview with Nick Enright. He has his first serious girlfriend, Rachel, who comes from a much wealthier part of the city. Upon noting that the filmmakers deliberately insisted that their characters be portrayed as different from the actual people involved in the Leigh Leigh murder as possible, Drewe said the film is "asking a lot of Australian audiences to expunge reality from their memories", though he concluded that the film should be "compulsory viewing for all Australian teenagers.

Brian argued that there were many young people in the community whose grief, anger and shame had still not been adequately vented. Tracy wears a short skirt, tight-fitting top, and wedged-heels to the party, while Leigh wore ordinary shorts, a jumperand sand-shoes. People came up to me after and said "Is it really like that in Newcastle.

The three boys are later arrested for the sexual assault. He demands that she have sex with both he and Jared, almost as a way to bond the two males. In June his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia was posthumously announced, although it was deemed effective from 14 November. NICK ENRIGHT (–) trained for the theatre at New York University School of Arts after early experience in Australia including with Nimrod and MTC.

He was an actor, director and teacher as well as a writer. His plays include On the Wallaby, Daylight Saving, St James Infirmary, Mongrels, A Property of the Clan, The Quartet from Rigoletto, Blackrock, Good Works, Spurboard and A Man with Author: Nick Enright.

Blackrock has 28 ratings and 3 reviews. Sean said: I think this play is commendable for trying to tackle the issue of toxic masculinity and boys' club /5. Jun 15,  · Like Nick Enright, I was born in Maitland, maybe a minute drive from Newcastle and Stockton.

I attended the University of Newcastle. When year-old Leigh Leigh was raped by a group of boys and murdered at a 16th birthday party on Stockton Beach on 3 NovemberI was at the university just across the harbour/5(12).

Blackrock Major Essay Assignment Blackrock by Nick Enright is a drama piece constructed to challenge dominant social ideology of twentieth century Australian youth. The text presents a very critical attitude towards Australian society in particular the notion of mateship is criticised and exposed in a negative light, as are the justifications.

Blackrock is a play by Australian playwright Nick Enright that was first performed in It was adapted from a play by Enright, entitled A Property of the Clan, which was inspired by the murder of Leigh Leigh in Stockton, Australia in The plays were both well received critically, though they did attract criticism from both Leigh's family and the media due to the fictionalisation.

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Blackrock by nick enright
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